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Advantage Maintenance has been providing high technology facilities janitorial services in Connecticut since 1986.  Our clients have also been depending upon us for routine ongoing maintenance and cleaning as well. Most high technology facilities cost a great deal of money to build, furnish and operate.  They often use specialized equipment and processes for the high technology products and services they provide.  It makes sense to partner with a janitorial cleaning company who specializes in janitorial, cleaning, and maintenance needs of high technology companies in Connecticut.

Experience Cleaning High Technology Facilities in Connecticut

Advantage Maintenance Inc. has been working with Connecticut’s high technology facilities for almost thirty years now.  As a result, we understand the unique janitorial cleaning and maintenance needs of high technology businesses in Connecticut.  The team at Advantage Maintenance Inc. has invested in the specialized equipment and training to service high technology facilities in Connecticut.

Types of High Technology Facilities We Offer Janitorial Services to In Connecticut

We have worked with many different types of high tech businesses and provide janitorial cleaning and maintenance services to the following types of high technology facilities in Connecticut:
  • High technology manufacturing
  • Clean rooms
  • Research & Development Facilities
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Website hosting

Janitorial Services for High Technology Facilities

Our janitorial, cleaning and maintenance services for high technology facilities include:
  • Clean Rooms and Controlled Environment Cleaning
  • Clean Room Services
  • Cleaning of High Tech Manufacturing Equipment
  • Computer room cleaning
The team at Advantage Maintenance Inc. has extensive training, equipment, and experience working with high tech facilities.  Contact us today to discuss your unique high technology cleaning needs and how we can help.  We are happy to devise a plan of action that addresses your unique janitorial needs. Advantage Maintenance Inc. specializes in providing commercial janitorial services, andmedical facilities janitorial cleaning services in Connecticut.