Keeping your building or office clean and making sure it is a healthy place to work is absolutely important to a productive and safe workplace. Whether you live in a small town or a major metropolitan area like Hartford or New Haven, you need professional janitorial services that can help to ensure your property remains clean and presentable to your customers and employees. This can actually save your company money in the long run because it can result in a lower number of sick employees. If you’re looking for a Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island cleaning service, we are the best. All janitorialial services companies may appear similar until you take a closer look at Advantage Maintenance Inc janitorialial Services. There’s more to janitorialial services than a mop hitting the floor, a vacuum being turned on, and a squeegee on a window. Put your business's best face forward with professional janitorialial services from Advantage Maintenance Inc to keep your workspace, storefront and client reception areas clean and inviting every day of the week. Commercial janitorialial services can be contracted by any size business for daily, weekly or monthly scheduling. At Advantage Maintenance Inc, we take the time to get to know your company's specific needs and customize janitorialial and office cleaning services to help make your facility look and run great. Environmental concerns and new technologies have taken commercial cleaning service to a new level of expertice. Advantage Maintenance Inc. janitorialial Services combines today’s technology with more than 30 years of innovative experience. That means we can offer you a full range of solutions based on your individual needs at one site or for multiple locations. Our uniformed, trained workers use our private label cleaning products and the best equipment for doing the job right. Quality work is reinforced through inspections, detailed record keeping, and exception reporting. Advantage Maintenance Inc uses sophisticated handheld and web-based technologies for quality assurance. Our system puts data at your fingertips. It uses data to drive decisions and continuous improvement. Like a dashboard on your car, our system includes metrics to tell us and you the system status. We use a mixture of mobile auditing and technology to assess and report on the quality of cleaning in your facility. 

Our clients believe that the benefits of our commercial cleaning service are unsurpassed. We offer quality and value with:

  • An extensive selection of services, including green cleaning
  • Customized management support & planning
  • Industrial/technical services leadership
  • Advanced safety & training programs
  • A reputation among service workers as the company to work for.
The Advantage Maintenance Inc professional cleaning teams have the expertise and equipment to handle a variety of jobs at nearly any facility. We customize our commercial cleaning service to meet the needs of facility managers, property management firms, and building owners in Commercial, Office, Medical, High Technology, Institutional, Educational, and Industrial markets. Some of our specialized janitorialial services include:
  • Blind cleaning
  • Carpet care
  • Clean room services
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Construction /  Final Cleaning
  • Document disposal
  • Emergency services
  • Escalator cleaning
  • General maintenance
  • Green cleaning
  • Hard surface floor care
  • Inventory control
  • Light industrial
  • Matting programs
  • Pressure washing
  • Production line support
  • Recycling services
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Special event services
  • Supply management
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window Washing

Advantage Maintenance Inc is the largest post construction cleaning contractor in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island. Our company has been specializing in new, final, and post construction clean up services for a broad range of commercial clients for over 30 years.

Advantage Maintenance Inc is committed to providing post construction cleanup far beyond industry standards. Our post construction division is comprised of specially trained personnel that focus only on construction site cleaning.

Our impressive customer list and portfolio speaks to Advantage Maintenance Inc expertise in the area of final construction cleaning. When you contract with Advantage Maintenance Inc you can rest assured that you're receiving outstanding service from construction industry professionals. We guarantee customer satisfaction by seeing that everyone on your project site is familiar with the construction industry and safety.

What sets our services apart are our people, each construction cleaning laborer receives continual training and support from experienced supervisors and management.

Please see our motto below, because no matter how the high the quality of the work that was done by the GC and the various other trades on the jobsite, ultimately the building has to be spotless and looking brand new at completion! Besides the GC and contractors doing punch list work we are usually the last ones to leave the job site and our goal is to ensure that the owner is totally satisfied with the finished product.

If we make the jobsite look great, we all look great!!

Past ProjectsLocationPrime ContractorAbout Contract
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy O & G Industries We were a sub to O&G Industries and provided all Final Cleaning services to this 128,000 sq. ft school. Services included Interior and Exterior window washing, VCT floor refinishing and overall general cleaning.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy City of Hartford- Kinsella Magnet 
Downes Construction, Inc. Final Cleaning services were provided 
to this 115,000 sq ft school in 2009.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy City of Hartford-Capital Prep High School Downes Construction, Inc. Final Cleaning services were provided 
to this school in the summer of 2010.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy City of Hartford - University High 
Pike Construction Final Cleaning services were provided
to this school in 2009. Services included general cleaning, VCT stripping and refinishing and window washing.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy City of Hartford- Annie Fisher Elementary School Morganti Construction Final Cleaning services were provided to this school during the fall of 2009 and summer of 2010. All work was completed on budget and on schedule.
 City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy St Francis Hospital, John T. O’Connell Tower Addition Turner Construction We provided Final Cleaning services to this 280,000 sq ft mixed use facility in the fall of 2010. We cleaned areas such as mechanical rooms, patient/exam rooms, office areas, Common areas and lobbies. All exterior and interior windows were cleaned along with power washing the building façade.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Town of Wallingford, Moses Y Beach Elementary School Turner Construction Final Cleaning services were provided to this school in 2006
 City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Quinnipiac University - Polling Institute Petra Construction We provided Final Cleaning services to this QU department in 2007.
 City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Quinnipiac University - TD Bank Sports Center Dimeo Construction Final Cleaning services were provided to this facility in 2007. Besides general cleaning, we provided concrete finishing and polishing services utilizing the "Ashford Formula," high rise cleaning of all horizontal surfaces in both the basketball and hockey arenas, floor refinishing, exterior and interior window cleaning and specialty cleaning of all bleacher seating areas.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Quinnipiac University - TD Bank Athletic Center   This is an example of our concrete polishing work. The Ashford Formula was applied to the concrete that had a “metal troweled” finish. The Ashford Formula is a concrete hardener/densifier that makes the concrete 400x harder than ordinary concrete. It self polishes over time, but can be "aged" to a higher gloss more rapidly by high speed burnishing with special diamond impregnated pads. This type of floor does not require a topical coating and is virtually maintenance free.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Quinnipiac University- TD Bank Athletic Center Basketball Arena    
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Quinnipiac University- The University Club    
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Quinnipiac University- York Hill Campus, Crescent Dorms O & G Industries
Final cleaning services were provided during the summers of 2009 and 2010. This is Quinnipiac's largest dormitory with over 200 suites.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Town of North Haven- North Haven 
High School
Konover Construction (KBE) This Final Cleaning project was completed during the summer of 2004. The town later awarded us the contract for cleaning all of the town buildings.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Covidien- North Haven Skanska USA We provided specialty cleaning services a number of times to this facility from 2007-2009. Services included steam degreasing of all surfaces in some of the manufacturing areas and mechanical rooms. Safety and extreme care was required while working around some of the very high tech extruding equipment that is used in the Covidien manufacturing process. Without fail, we met all of the very stringent time schedules that were given to us by Skanska and Covidien while the equipment was shut down.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Yale University Babbidge Facilities Construction Since 2006 we have provided Final Cleaning services to the Yale Medical School on numerous occasions.
City Of Hartford- Sports and Medical Sciences Academy Yale -New Haven Hospital, Lot E Mixed Use Facility Gilbane Construction Company This project was completed in 2009 and included Final Cleaning of offices, retail space, apartments and the parking garage.
Who do you call when you need cleaning performed in a very unique environment?

Call us, we have the experience, knowledge and above all the safety training that allows us to work in a unique environment.

Unique environments include areas where you don’t need to call a certified abatement contractor, but you need to have a contractor that has the knowledge that goes way beyond what a typical Janitorial Services company has. We have OSHA 30 and OSHA 10 certified employees on staff and have maintained an NCCI workers comp Mod. Rate of less than .80 since 1990.

Types of Special Project Cleaning Services:
  • Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning
  • Blind cleaning
  • Clean room services
  • Computer room cleaning
  • Construction clean up
  • Emergency services
  • Escalator cleaning
  • General maintenance
  • Building Maintenance (painting, repair, tile replacement, etc.)
  • HVAC Ductwork Cleaning and Robotic Inspection
  • Project and Sub-Contractor Coordination
  • Hard surface floor care
  • Inventory control
  • Light industrial
  • Recycling services
  • Supply management
  • Specialty Services as defined by the customer will be provided on request
  • Cleaning of High Tech Manufacturing Equipment
  • Laboratory Cleaning and Decontamination
  • Lighting Maintenance

Some examples of past projects completed:

  1. High tech North Haven manufacturer of medical instruments and supplies. We steam cleaned multi-million dollar pieces of equipment and production rooms during their shut downs on a number of occasions. Because of the expense of their equipment and the impact of their production, time is of the essence when it comes to completion of the cleaning project. We need to get in and get the job done safely and on time so that they can get their equipment back on line to produce income for them.
  2. Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing facility formerly located in West Haven We were asked to provide cleaning services for the “Interstitial Space” located in this facility. Interstitial space is the area between the roof and ceiling where all of the mechanical components and wiring is run. Extreme care must be taken not to step on or in any way damage any of the pipes or wires while working. Since the early 1960’s when the buildings were built, contractors had carelessly tossed trash and other materials in this very confined area. Our client was scheduled to be inspected by the FDA and needed to have this area cleaned out and made presentable. This project required 6 employees to work on site for almost four months and was performed on a time and materials basis.
Green cleaning, or cleaning with products made from environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve health and environmental quality, is becoming increasingly important to businesses in Connecticut, Massachusetts New York, or Rhode Island. Green or eco-friendly cleaning is more than just a trend, it signifies a healthy and much-needed shift in thinking as more businesses choose to take steps necessary to protect themselves, their employees, the environment, and sustainability. Protecting our environment is no small task but Advantage Maintenance Inc is happy to do its part by offering green cleaning solutions. When you chose Advantage Maintenance Inc green-cleaning you get the same superior clean of our traditional service as well as the assurance that we will use only the best in non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Advantage Maintenance Inc is committed to maintaining and developing an environment that enhances human health and sustainability. To make every effort to operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner we have implemented a commercial cleaning program that is made to increase the health and quality of our buildings for the benefit of our tenants, employees and the environment. Our green cleanings don't leave behind toxic residue from petroleum-based products which contributes to poor indoor air quality, asthma, and some long-term health problems. Employees are trained to change microfiber cloths often and use safe house cleaning protocols to prevent cross-contamination. Cleaners learn to use green products correctly as well as practice sanitary cleaning techniques. Our products disclose all ingredients. We verify green claims.Advantage Maintenance Inc is committed to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and recognize that reducing the environmental impact of our products and operations is an important part of the value we deliver to our customers. We guarantee our eco-friendly house cleaning products are stored in climate controlled areas when not in use to retain their effectiveness. No overnight or weekend storage in the trunk of a car by individual cleaners! Products are not over diluted to save money. Our green house cleaners pick up a daily supply of fresh laundered microfiber cloths, vacuums with true HEPA filters and plenty of clean mop heads. We strive to achieve environmental excellence and work with our employees, customers and suppliers to meet the environmental commitments below.

Advantage Maintenance Inc is committed to a green cleaning process and continuous improvement in:

  • Promote relevant “Green” initiatives by way of our employees, strategic partners and suppliers.
  • Use of Micro-fiber dusting cloths and flat mops to collect dust and dirt. These can often be used to remove soils without the need for chemical compounds and can be reused for minimal waste.
  • Demonstrating institutional practices that promote sustainability, including measures to increase efficiency and use of renewable resources, and to decrease production of waste and hazardous materials.
  • Encouraging environmental inquiry and institutional learning throughout the company
  • Enhancing the health of the building’s ecosystems that we service in Connecticut, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island.
  • Developing planning tools to enable comparative analysis of sustainability implications and to support long-term economic, environmental and socially responsible decision-making.
  • Establishing indicators for sustainability that will enable monitoring reporting and continuous improvement.
  • Use of Green Cleaning Chemicals and Products
  • Be guided by the principle of continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • Cleaning products do not contain phosphates and are biodegradable.
  • Continuously review our Environmental “Green” Statement and ensure it remains appropriate to the nature, scale and environmental impacts of our activities and services.
  • Expert Advice

Through our Green Cleaning program, Extra Clean becomes your green cleaning expert, always keeping up with the latest trends and processes. That way, you can be sure your green cleaning program contributes to the success of your business. We are committed to the environment. For green cleaning to be viable it must come with the guarantee that your facility will still look its best. We are committed to giving our environmentally conscious customers the same superior service Advantage Maintenance Inc is known for.