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From time to time we write articles with information about our janitorial services.


Advantage Maintenance is a certified applicator and installer for a new and exciting product called Microguard, a protective clear coatings for non-ferrous metal corrosion protection, mold, mildew mitigation on numerous interior or exterior surfaces for Industrial use.
Microguard tile surface sealer logoMicroguard anti-skid logoMicroguard tile surface sealer logoMicroguard tile surface sealer logoMicroguard tile surface sealer logo

Microguard tile surface sealer logo
Our green cleaning goal is to protect our client’s health without harming the environment. Our green cleaning program goes beyond chemical and equipment choices. It includes policies, procedures, and training and shared responsibility efforts that minimize the impact of cleaning materials on the health of building occupants and protect the environment as a whole.
Hospital and medical facility cleaning is not like general cleaning. Not all companies can rise to the standards required by a health care facility. The staff should be properly trained in universal precautions to protect themselves, but also in proper procedures in disinfecting to provide a truly clean and healthy result.

Tile Grout Cleaner Comparison
We put some well known tile and grout cleaners to a real world test at the University Of New Haven

window washing
Here we demonstrate how we wash windows 3 storys up. This video was filmed at Higher OPne, New Haven CT

Selecting The Right Janitorial Service Company For Your Business Or Property In Connecticut

In today’s hypercompetitive economy, business owners, property owners and managers are constantly searching for ways to improve their services and companies at the lowest cost.  When it comes to finding a janitorial services company that will do everything that is needed and more, at the lowest cost, successful management of the vendor selection process is an important component in your success.  In this post, we talk about choosing janitorial services in Connecticut. Before drafting a Request for Proposal (RFP), spend time identifying your requirements and what is needed from your ideal janitorial services company.  The more detailed your RFP, the more likely you will find the best company for your needs.  If this is your first time selecting a janitorial services company for your business or property, talk to janitorial service companies to determine the full range of service available.

Size matters – for your RFP

Janitorial svcs proposal 300x200Once you have identified acceptable performance measures for your target janitorial services company, you are ready to address your RFP.  A well-defined RFP gives janitorial service companies all of the necessary information that you need addressed in order to ensure you have all of the information that you need to make the best decision.  Additionally, it is much easier to make side-by-side bid comparisons to identify the best janitorial services company for your needs. When bids start coming for your business, a well-defined RFP is a great way to ensure that you are comparing apples to apples when looking at services offered.

RFP Requirements for Custodial Services

Items to address in an RFP for custodial services include:clean cubicles in CT 300x205
  • Cleaning specifications
  • Indemnification
  • Employee training
  • Quality Assurance
  • Supplies (quantity, quality, and responsible party)
  • Equipment
  • Square footage to be cleaned
  • Insurance requirements (coverage limits and rates)
  • Supply storage areas
  • Recycling
  • Hours and days of service
  • Safety, Worker’s Compensation
  • Length of contract
  • Identification (uniforms and badges)
  • Payroll taxes, and
  • Personal screening

Selecting the right Janitorial Service Companies to Interview

You have received several different proposals from janitorial service companies in Connecticut at this point.  What do you do next?  When reviewing proposals, we recommend using the following criteria to guide your selection process:

Office Bldg in CT 300x300


History repeats itself.  Reputation and references is a major factor to consider in your decision.  Talk to references and if needed, inspect the quality of the candidate janitorial services company.

Quality Control

This is another major factor to consider.  What type of quality assurance program is in place to ensure that the client is receiving everything that they are expecting?  What types of guarantees does the company make about the quality of their work?


Does the company have the resources to increasing their services as your business grows?  What type of training do they provide to their employees?  Do they provide operations manuals and employee checklists?  What type of back office support do they provide?

Cultural Match

Is your vendor small or large?  Are they national, regional, or local?  Are they similar to your business in scope and objectives?  What trade or professional organizations do they belong to?

Existing Relationships

What other companies do they work for?  Larger contracts require a higher level of trust.  Not all janitorial service companies in Connecticut are created equally.

Added Value

What additional services do they provide they can be absorbed within the services that they are seeking to provide?  In other words, do they repair general maintenance services?


Price is another important consideration.  However, we recommend you look at the value that the candidate janitorial services provide to your organization.  How well are they able to address all of your business needs at what price?  The cheapest janitorial services company can end up costing you more money in the long run.

The Walkthrough

Walking your candidate janitorial service companies through your business or property is another important step in the selection process.   This is the point where you will receive confirmation that they fully understand your business needs and service level expectations.  The candidate janitorial service companies need to know what types of supplies you use, the square footage of your service area, building density, flooring surfaces so that are sure that they can meet your expectations.  It is like the interview process between your company and theirs.

Pricing Models

Once you have reviewed all of the RFPs that you received from your candidate janitorial service companies, you can review pricing.  Most pricing models include are made up of the following:
  • Labor: Includes insurance, benefits and payroll taxes
  • Direct operating costs: Includes supplies, transportation, uniforms, training, and the like.
  • Overhead and profit
Candidate janitorial service companies should be able to explain their pricing models and address any questions you have about their services, guarantees, and pricing.

Selecting the right janitorial services company

in most cases, selection of the right janitorial services company for your business needs comes down to the following factors:Janitorial svcs in Ct 300x200
  • Can the candidate janitorial service company do the job?
  • Can you work well with the candidate janitorial services company?
If you have received several responses to your RFP, how well does everybody stack up?  Who offers the best combination of staff, equipment, and service to get the job done right? To answer the many questions asked above and to ensure a level playing field, review your RFP requirements and review the proposals received from candidate janitorial service companies focusing in on the following factors:
  1. Labor – Verify the number of cleaning hours and total hours in custodial services received per day.
  2. Taxes – Ask for an itemized breakdown of taxes by category and compare FICA, FUI, and SU and ask for explanations of large discrepancies.
  3. Insurance – Accredited janitorial companies should be able to provide proof of required general liability and workers’ compensation.
  4. Supplies – Be sure everybody agrees on quality. Supplies are a major expense in providing janitorial services and can be a problem area if quality is not agreed upon.
  5. Equipment – Do they have enough budgeted to do the job? Compare budgets between candidate janitorial service companies
  6. Reputation – What do their existing clients say about them. Their experiences are likely to be similar to what you can expect.
The more thought you can put into defining your janitorial needs, the better you can manage the candidate selection process for janitorial service companies for your business or property, the more success you are likely to have. We hope that this information helps you with the selection process for your janitorial services provider.  Please let us know if you have questions, need more information or would like to receive a proposal for services. Advantage Maintenance Inc. is a full service janitorial services provider focusing on high technology facilities, medical facilities and commercial facilities in Connecticut since 1984.