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Advantage Maintenance is a Connecticut Certified MicroGuard® Applicator and Installer

Connecticut Certified MicroGuard® Applicator

Advantage Maintenance is a Connecticut certified applicator and installer for a new and exciting product called Microguard®, a protective clear coatings for non-ferrous metal corrosion protection, mold, mildew mitigation on numerous interior or exterior surfaces for Industrial or commercial use. Bring your tile floor or other surfaces back to life and protect them for decades into the future!

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About MicroGuard® Technology

About “The Origin of the MicroGuard Technology”

MicroGuard’s coatings and surface treatments have their origins in NASA research. Dr. John B. Schutt, a theoretical chemist and former head of coatings for NASA, developed inorganic coatings for rockets and space vehicles to control corrosion caused by extreme UV radiation and rocket exhaust gases. These coatings also were required to withstand excessive temperature fluctuations. Dr. Schutt’s work led him into further research about silicate molecules and zinc filled potassium silicates, a chemical combination which was then successfully tested on the Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, 1975) and the internal structure of the Statue of Liberty (New York, 1985).

Following his retirement from NASA in 1991, Dr. Schutt began additional work on developing a range of pre-ceramic, clear coatings that cure at ambient temperatures. These coatings were hybrids of his previous work, resulting in the next generation of inorganic, siloxane coatings. Dr. Schutt was inducted into the NASA Inventor’s Hall of Fame in 1995.

The aforementioned work forms the basis of the company’s domestic & international patents. Additional research is ongoing and further patents are pending.
MicroGuard®  Tile Surface Sealer

About MicroGuard® Technology

Adsil manufactures unique products for unique surface requirements. Surfaces such as ceramic tile, either vertical walls or horizontal flooring, terrazzo, and decorative stone are all highly suited to receive MicroGuard® product finishes.

Horizontal tile & grout flooring and epoxy terrazzo flooring are ideally suited for MicroGuard® AD708 Hard Tile Clear Treatment. Porous grout lines will be effectively sealed so that dirt and stains will not penetrate. The surface becomes much easier to clean and maintenance costs are reduced. MicroGuard® AD703 is ideal for coating natural concrete terrazzo floor surfaces.
MicroGuard® Corrosion Protection

About MicroGuard® Technology

Non-Ferrous Metals are best coated with MicroGuard® AD95 Corrosion Protector Clear Treatment. This coating is designed to protect most non-ferrous metals or stainless steel, which are subjected to the rigors of ambient exposures.

MicroGuard® AD95 is a low-solids, surface enhancer & protectant that can be applied to numerous surfaces in the hospitality, restaurant, and medical industry. It can be used to protect and beautify stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, or copper.
About MicroGuard® Technology

About MicroGuard® Technology

The MicroGuard®/MicroGrip™ Anti-Skid Floor System is designed to reduce the potential for slipping hazards in:

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Food Service Lines
  • Automotive Repair Bays
  • Handicap Ramps
  • Public Walkways & Stairs
  • And Many More Place

MicroGuard®/MicroGrip™ outperforms other competitive anti-skid floor systems, is competitively priced and may be applied to many rigid floor surfaces in commercial, industrial or residential environments.

MicroGrip™ Anti-Skid Media, combined with MicroGuard® clear siloxane floor treatments, deliver increased traction, chemical and abrasion resistance properties to concrete, hard tile, terrazzo and quarry tile floors. This system will not support mold growth and is easier to clean and maintain. Because the system is clear, it maintains floor color without sacrificing traction properties.

Adsil’s patented clear siloxane treatments extend the performance life of the surface, while also reducing cleaning & maintenance costs. This Anti-Skid system is easy to install and accommodates busy operating or construction schedules.

  • Reduces Slip & Fall Risks
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Maintains Floor Color
  • Highly Resistant to Chemicals
  • Impervious to Standing Water
About MicroGuard® Technology

About MicroGuard® Technology

Adsil manufactures several MicroGuard® products that can be applied onto bare concrete or other masonry surfaces, such as brick, pavers, decorative stone, stucco or concrete/polymer blends. These product finishes can be used for either interior or exterior surfaces and Adsil has designed products for both horizontal and vertical applications.

For concrete type surfaces where graffiti is a problem, Adsil has developed MicroGuard® AD00 Anti-Graffiti Clear Surface Treatment. This clear, inorganic, cross-link cured product is a non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating. Its tightly knit film structure will not allow penetration of common graffiti material, so it lifts more easily from the surface.

MicroGuard® AD702 Sealer penetrates deeply into concrete surfaces and effectively fills the concrete capillaries. This inorganic sealer will not saponify. MicroGuard® AD702 Sealer is designed to be applied prior to the application of MicroGuard® AD703 Concrete Clear Treatment, as part of a complete system. When used as a sealer/finish system on interior concrete type horizontal surfaces, these products provide maximum abrasion, ablation and chemical resistance properties. AD703 Gloss Finishing Treatment can be used for exterior applications as a ‘wet look’ impregnating sealer.
MicroGuard®  Anti Graffiti

About MicroGuard® Technology

Much energy, time and money is expended in the removal of graffiti. MicroGuard® AD00 is a high-performance surface treatment that provides protection against the attachment of paint, crayon, inks and magic markers for graffiti or tag marks on stainless steel or non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, signs, concrete and painted surfaces. The treatment is also resistant to chemical attack and exhibits outstanding resistance to solvents, acid and alkali exposure. The unique formulation of MicroGuard® AD00 will not break down from UV exposure, as compared to other competitive coatings.

AD00 can be used in protecting painted metal, benches, bathrooms, interior and exterior walls, elevators, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, painted or bare masonry and concrete.